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We Purchase Cars

As an easy going company we accept vehicles from almost any person you can think of. We’re a very successful company and because of that we buy many vehicles every day. This means because of the huge amount of work we get daily that we can pay even more for your used and junk cars. Since we created the company our relaxed and polite manner has made us a huge hit with the locals and our work has been steadily increasing. We believe that however popular our services get that we will stick to our humble manner and provide all customers with the respect and quality of service needed. We understand that many people wish to sell their cars quickly but without the fees and charges of main car dealerships. This is where we come in, we’re not only a very friendly company but we are extremely fast and don’t believe in scamming. We sell to so many different kinds of customers, so as an example we have listed a few below:

Everyday People

We know that in the current climate people need to use their cars every day, this can be for mundane tasks such as the usual grocery shop to more unusual drives such as for a break in the next city. Many people rely on their cars heavily and that’s why it’s important for you to have a fast sale. We understand this and that’s why we buy your car as quick as you’d like and we collect them when the time is right for you. This allows you to get back to your normal routine quickly.


Selling vintage or collectors cars can be a hugely troublesome task in the new market. We don’t judge the car for its popularity and that’s why we can offer you a reasonable price for your vintage car. Not only can you get a good price but it saves you from the months of trying to gain interest for a car no one seems to want.

Business owners

We buy regularly from small working companies such as taxi services, hotels, restaurants, rental cars etc. We know that the hugely rely on their vehicles and that when one goes bust it’s very important to replace it with speed. That’s why they use our service a lot and receive cash in hand fast! This means they can replace the car quickly and carry on with their business.

"I had been trying to sell my car for quite some time and wasn't having any luck. I am thankful I found out about your company when I did. It was a much easier process than I had anticipated. I appreciate that your company was able to buy my vehicle."


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We make selling a used car for cash in Redding, California easy! Call us today for a free quote.