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Selling a car to our company is made extremely easy. We are a unique company that offers a car buying service. If you're interested in selling a used vehicle get in touch with the company today.



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Need a quick car sale?

Cash For Cars Redding are experts in buying unwanted used or scrap cars super-fast! Our speedy service is devoted to the people of Redding, giving them nothing but the best prices and deals for their vehicles. If you live in Redding and you need to sell your car fast you’ve come to the right site. There’s no need to spend pointless hours advertising your car with every minor detail and pictures, as with our quick sales just the model and a few other minor details are needed to give you a fantastic quote. We can make an instant quote right over the phone and arrange to collect for a time that suits you perfectly. As car buying professionals we believe that speed is an important factor and we understand that you need your money fast. That’s why we don’t use cheques or bank transfers as they can take a long time to clear in the bank, we pay cash in hand. When we come to collect your vehicle we will pay you the same day, after everything has been confirmed.

How can you make a quote over the phone?

We won’t need to see the car till the actual day, what we do is get a short description over the phone. Most cars and trucks are worth a certain price based on a simple criterion. We will ask you the condition among other easy things to make a quote. Once we’ve given you a top dollar quote, all we need to do is verify that the details you’ve given us is correct when we get there.

Do you charge for quotes?

We charge nothing for a quote, it’s absolutely free! In fact we can usually make you a guaranteed offer for your vehicle straight over the phone. Once we’ve given you an offer you are under no obligation to accept the offer, we don’t like to force our customers and you can take all the time you wish!

Why shouldn’t I just sell my car to others?

There is no other possible way for you to receive an amazing cash offer for your car within 10 minutes or less! Selling your car to others would include many strangers coming to look at your car and then deciding that they want to haggle the price. We don’t do that, we offer you a good cash deal over the phone and stick to it once the condition has been confirmed. 1 call, 1 team member and cash in hand!

"I had been trying to sell my car for quite some time and wasn't having any luck. I am thankful I found out about your company when I did. It was a much easier process than I had anticipated. I appreciate that your company was able to buy my vehicle."


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We make selling a used car for cash in Redding, California easy! Call us today for a free quote.