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We Pay Cash For
Damaged Cars

We give cash for junk! You read that right, we give money for your junk car. If there is a car sitting in your yard or driveway, rotting away and not being used… Why not get some money for it? We’re the top car recycling and reusing company in Redding. We believe that taking your car to a landfill is the worst thing you can do. Why destroy something and make it worse for the local environment when you can recycle and re-use over 75% of an old and used car.

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling your car brings down the prices of steel. Old steel can be made into new steel using just 26% of the energy it takes to make new metal, that’s a dramatic reduction. On a yearly basis the recycling steel industry can save enough energy to power 18 million houses for a year. Saving energy is an obvious reason why recycling is better but also because the price of steel is reduced it means the cost of making cars and then buying them will eventually get cheaper. Recycling your car means that the metals won’t be decomposed in a landfill, when metals decompose they release toxic chemicals that can end up in our local water systems.

How do I know if my car is junk?

Typically a car is seen as junk if it has been wrecked in an accident, is a rusty non-runner, has major mechanical or body issues or if it is a salvage vehicle. There are many other kinds of damage, if the car is seen as non-repairable then it is scrap, this can happen through flood damage, unusual weather damage, vandalism, theft etc. If the car is old it is also seen as scrap, usually if the vehicle is 15 years or older.

How do I get my junk car to you?

There is no need to worry about getting your junk car to us; we take on the role of recycling your vehicle fully. So you need to do nothing. We will arrange a time to pick the vehicle up just like used cars but we will bring our tow truck and tow your vehicle free of charge as part of our service. We offer great prices for junk vehicles and can fully reassure you that your car will be recycled as much as possible to make sure that very little ends up in a landfill.

"I had been trying to sell my car for quite some time and wasn't having any luck. I am thankful I found out about your company when I did. It was a much easier process than I had anticipated. I appreciate that your company was able to buy my vehicle."


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